Most frequent questions and answers


We provide all kinds of services related to Oversea study . For example, we provide counseling for subject choosing, application, admission, and all other steps until the student gets success in his/her process and reaches to destination.

We recommend you do IELTS minimum 6.5/ at least 6 band score and individually not less than 6/5.5. Without IELTS university or embassy or both may refuse you. Unless you are English medium O’ Level, A’Level (For bachelor Study) and Bachelor studied in English (For masters all these 3-level studied in English is required). We are witness of many examples. End of the day we want to see your success and happy face, not lose of money, time and efforts.

Yes, it is acceptable in certain situations.

Yes, it matters for any student based on subject requirements. Minimum a student should have GPA 3 and above in the scale of 4. In some courses you may apply  with 2.75 GPA out of 4.

There are many scholarships available in every country, it depends on academic qualifications, IELTS results, and timely application.

Your parents, siblings, uncles, and any legal guardians. It is the 5th or 6th  level requirement of your abroad study process. This part will be cleared by our consultant when the right time will appear.

It depends on the country, university, and subject you are applying for. You will be informed by our office, the university website, and other related authorities. For example, the embassy, insurance company, air tickets company, etc.

Check our official website for specific countries or you will be able to know from our consultant and many other reliable sources.

Yes, you can take your family members with you or after you reach the destination country under certain conditions. For example, your income, and savings are enough to support them, etc.

We will guide you regarding this issue, how to find a job.