Name of the country: The Portuguese Republic

Language: Portuguese

Number of universities: 22 universities & lots of polytechnic institutes.

IELTS requirement: 6.0 – 7.5 (depending on the program)

Job opportunities: 20 Hours weekly. Spouse can work Full time.

PR facilities: You can apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years of legal residence in Portugal.

Range of tuition fees: €950 to €7,000 per academic year for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. PhD programs are usually funded by the government and do not require tuition fees

Top Universities of Portugal

  1. Catholic University of Portugal 
  2. University of Porto
  3. University of Lisbon
  4. Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
  5. University of Coimbra
  6. ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon 
  7. ISCTE Business School | University Institute of Lisbon 
  8. Universidade de Aveiro 
  9. University of Beira Interior 
  10. University of Minho

Portugal, located in southwestern Europe, is a welcoming country that provides an unforgettable experience for international students. Portugal, with 22 universities and numerous polytechnic institutes, offers a diverse range of academic programs, including courses taught in English. The country is well-known for its educational quality, with several Portuguese universities ranking among the top in Europe. As an international student in Portugal, you will be able to work part-time while studying and even full-time after graduation. Portugal’s relaxed lifestyle and affordable cost of living make it an attractive destination for students seeking to expand their horizons and gain a unique international experience. Portugal is an ideal vacation destination because of its relaxed lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture.

Top reasons to study in Estoina

  1. High-Quality Education: Estonian universities offer top-notch education and research opportunities, with a strong emphasis on practical learning and international exposure.
  2. Affordable Tuition Fees: Estonia has lower tuition fees compared to other European countries, making it an affordable study destination.
  3. English-Taught Programs: Estonian universities offer a variety of programs taught in English, providing an opportunity for international students to study in Estonia.
  4. Start-up Hub: Estonia is known as Europe’s start-up hub, with a thriving start-up ecosystem and innovative solutions being highly welcomed.
  5. E-Society: Estonia is an e-society, with e-residency, e-government, e-school, and so much more, making it a unique and innovative study destination.
  6. Safe Environment: Estonia is one of the safest countries in the world, with a low crime rate and strict laws ensuring the safety of its residents and visitors.
  7. Breathtaking Scenery: Estonia boasts stunning natural beauty, from its lush forests to its beautiful coastline, providing a tranquil and peaceful environment for studying.
  8. Cultural Diversity: Estonia is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse student population from all over the world, providing a unique cultural experience.
  9. Family Benefits: Estonia provides benefits to spouses and families of international students, such as access to healthcare, education, and social services.
  10. Career Opportunities: Estonia offers excellent job opportunities for international students after graduation, with its start-up ecosystem and thriving business environment.